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Angela Christine Stevens 10 year professional career as a beauty expert has positioned her to be well versed in several aspects of the industry. Her experience includes: Bi coastal hair stylist | Platform artist | Brand ambassador | Celebrity freelance hair stylist Reality personality | Beauty Brand consultant | National Educator

Angela's mission is to uplift those who also aspire to work in the field through education and outreach. Her DVD series, youtube and periscope channels are all resources for the up and coming stylist to use as a tool for business enterprising and technical education.

Additionally, Angela's new company Conscious Curls, is also a reflection of her desire to positively impact others through philanthropic giving. By teaming up with the Rapunzal project, Conscious Curls donates a portion of each sale to helping chemotherapy patients keep there own hair, through a method called cold cap therapy! READ MORE

After experiencing the effects of hair loss first hand with her mother and aunt being recent cancer survivors, Angela has always felt the need to find a way to uplift others during such a traumatic time.

"Hair may not heal the body, but it sure does uplift the spirit, if more people knew about this amazing solution during chemo, they surely would feel a lot better about the whole process." - Angela Stevens

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