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What should I do if I want to transition but don’t like weaves?

I can totally understand if you don’t like weave some people just like to get to their scalp. If you’re transitioning try braids and twist outs. Also trimming every 6-8 weeks will be the best way to gradually get rid of the chemically straightened ends. Try to keep the heat off of it as much as possible tho if you can do other heat free Styles like roller and rod sets, it will be greatly beneficial.

My hair has been falling out recently and I don’t know why what should I do?

Believe it or not hair loss is more moral than you think but can be very traumatic. The first thing to do is pay attention to anything in your life that has changed. New meds? More stress? Change in diet? Recently had a baby? All these factors and more cause hair loss. I’d suggest amping up on hair vitamins or hair growth tea. Some of my faves are from rejuvagrowhaircare, Camille Rose superfood, and She Davi. You can also do simple things like scalp messages daily to increase the circulation in thin spots to help encourage growth. If all else fails get your blood checked and consult a dermatologist before the thinning becomes overwhelming.

I’m natural but I want to have more versatility with my styles I just wear it in afro and I’m over it. Any suggestions?

To all my lazy naturals I feel you! It’s hard to try things when your hair is massive and thick. Some of my fave styles are impromptu and when I’m feeling creative. Also hair flare from Amtu hair tools will help along the journey. Head wraps from the wrap life will hold you down as well. I’ll post a few of my favorite options for some visual assistance but twists, buns, and goddess braids are my top three go to’s when trying to do something a little different.

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