Ahhhhh Relaunch, Revamp, and Reload!


Hi Queens!

I’m so happy you’ve stopped by. Welcome to my online home, welcome to the place where I share things I’m truly passionate about. I know some of you may be thinking how is she selling extensions and natural hair books for kids on the same platform? Well, I’ll be honest I had to ask myself that same question when deciding to move forward with these pillars of my brand. Who am I? What do I want to be attached to? What’s my overall message? Although these answers tend to change, the thing that is constant however is my love for haircare in all forms.


“…the thing that is constant however is my love for haircare in all forms.”


Some of us never heard anything positive about our hair unless it was freshly burned with a hot comb or chemically beaten into submission by way of a relaxer. Only then was our hair deemed to be beautiful. For many, these experiences have resulted in extreme hair loss, low self esteem, and hair dysmorphia. Yes, I believe black woman have hair dysmorphia due to the trauma we have experienced throughout or life. When I became painfully aware of the mental status of black women and their hair, I was called to create a book in 2016. My purpose shifted and I felt I had to do something to combat the negative stigma of having curly hair, and to uplift and enlighten children and their parents at the same time. Two years later “Hair” was born; my way to help change the narrative and fill our wash day experiences with affirmations of love.

Conscious Curls was created in 2015, a period of my life where extensions were most important to me and I wanted to create a way to give back, however as I grew to understand natural hair more, my desire to tell women to wear extensions was decreasing.


I didn’t want to be another brand saying “hey ladies you need this silky hair to be beautiful.”


That didn’t sit well with me. Between the ups and downs with various suppliers and manufacturers and not being wholeheartedly connected to the message, my desire to retail extensions was dwindling. The thing that kept me going is the realization that love and affirmation are not enough, grown women need options. I’d be a fool to think every black woman in America is at a place of self acceptance and has a full head of hair to match. That’s just not realistic. Hair loss, lifestyle, and lack of style ability hinder most women from wearing their natural hair. I’m the first to admit, as much as I love my natural, some weeks I just don’t have time. So last year I went back to the drawing board, had a few more ups and downs with suppliers until I was able to provide a full line of extension options. Revamping the line to include Crowns and clip ins were essential to cover all the needs of my ever growing diverse tribe of Queens. I’m so proud to relaunch knowing that we have something for everyone.


The fact of the matter is, Black women are magical… Period. I’d even hypothesize that 50% of our magic directly relates to the fact that we can change our hair dramatically and not skip a beat. From a pixie to box braids, to a bob, to kinky curly, to a textured pony, to finger waves. We literally do it ALL. No other group can do that the way we can.

A common misconception is that once you go natural, you have to stay natural all the time. I think I even boxed my own mind into believing that for a second. Being natural is a declaration and commitment to self, our style however is fluid. For me and my tribe of afro picking , 22” wavy wearing Queens, we like to do it all and then some. Welcome to my world, I’m reloaded! xo



Angela Stevens