Angela C. Styles

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The Pretty Curls Club

Celebrating Hair of All Types Across Ethinicities

The Pretty Curls Club is a book series created by celery hairstylist Angela C. Styles that helps parents of many nationalities celebrate their daughter’s hair texture in their formative years. Each book takes a playful dive into haircare and how it shapes identity, encouraging little girls to take pride in their differences.


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A children’s book about loving your hair.

Keely hates her hair. She just wants to fit in with everyone else at school, but she can't. Her big puffy hair is too kinky, too big, and too out of place. Keely is frustrated, and it’s finally time to tell Mom just how frustrated she is!



Angela C. Styles



JR Sirls 




Dive into the Making of “Hair”…



Why I Created The Book



Natural Hair Confidence



Fun Hair Tips



Addressing Traction Alopecia



Tackling Race & Ethnicity




The book is amazing. I bought the book for my 2yr old daughter. She loves for me to read this book. She’s very engaged and when it’s time to read she says “Mom I wanna see Keeley!!!”

Hannah B

Angela Styles truly outdid herself on this beautifully written children’s book! JQ Sirls is a super gifted and amazing illustrator. My 5 year old daughter can’t get enough of this book!

Patrice S.

Relatable and perfect book for little black girls with curly hair! Amazing book! My daughter loved it! Plan to read to her Girl Scout troop! Great Art Work!

Crissy J.

My daughter loves this book! I often hear her recited the words in passing. This book resonates with her as she identifies with the main character. Representation matters and this book teaches young girls about loving and respecting the hair they’re born with.

Nik T.

The illustrations are beautiful and the quality invested in the making of this… This book is going to change how little girls of color think about self image. A much needed game changer. The illustrations are beautiful and the quality invested in the making of this book is top notch. I’d gift this book to little girls and big girls alike. Enjoy!